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This is how I got started using ebay back in 2005. The original idea was to downsize and distribute any income toward debt but the reality became debt reduction plus intro affordability into PVC 2012 where I have become broke and poor ever since, lol. I've taken in low 6 figures USD since 2005 selling off items acquired from collecting since 1969. At times it seems magical; other times, sad to say, it's become quite the nightmare.

Where it starts to become somewhat irritating is dealing with taxation (sales tax, possibly internet sales tax in the near term). I had to get a state sales tax number last year, file quarterly reports with my state even though I'm presently exempt on a technicality from having to collect sales tax on ebay sales.

Certain buyers are becoming irritating too. Local pickup is what it states, literally...local, not some locale that just happens to be 1500 miles away. I informed 1 guy playing this game that he had 2 weeks to appear in front of my residence to pick up or he was getting his money back unless he paid the $9.69 shipping which was listed using 3 different services: USPS, UPS, Fedx Ground to Washington state. He got such a good deal on the auction I figured he would opt for coming up with $9.69 which he did. I don't add shipping in my auction offer prices because I never know what any item will fetch or where it's going if it does sell. If I do well on an item I give the winner their shipping expense back (free shipping); if I break even or endure a loss the shipping charge remains as part of the sale. I called ebay about local P/U and their response left me with the impression that sellers are to bend over to placate any buyer regardless of situation. I have no qualms handing back full refunds and canceling the sale versus being used/hosed by either a calculating buyer or ebay HQ.

Those few buyers who are not willing to wait beyond 5 days due to extenuating circumstances beyond my control (10" snow storm east coast followed by freezing rain last April on a VT destination) and will file "Item not Received" claim with Ebay. Usually items delayed will appear eventually 1-4 weeks later. With ebay I have found seller is responsible for everything imaginable until said sold item makes an appearance at the buyer's inner sanctum. 98% of the time this happens; it's the 2% mishaps that take their toll on a psyche. Ebay selling is not for the faint of heart.

Ebay treats sellers a little better than Amazon but it is becoming a seller beware environment. If you are thinking of selling on ebay do be as honest as possible with item condition, item description. The credit card issuers usually side with the buyer if disputes arise so do be up front on / with your dealings. Also, do ship the paid items out as quickly as possible. The few sellers who squat on their obligations mailing do not get a 2nd chance from me if I'm the buyer since I'm familiar with both sides of the aisle.

International selling used to be magical too but lately many buyers want me to pony up the additional $20-$40 shipping difference out of my pocket (Priority Mail Int'l offers tracking & insurance whereas 1st Class Package Int'l does not once an item leaves the mainland). Presently on a $30 sale of a $70 my cost originally item I'm throwing in an addditional $19 for the USPS upgrade so I can insure it (Yea, smart buyer; boohoo dumb seller who's been victimized in the past). Because of past losses I have sustained (customs delays that metamorphosize into "Item Not Received" claims = $100 out of my pocket loss on a previous ebay sale 2013 to Bulgaria) and shipping address label issues (2 hours to process a label instead of 2 minutes on above $30 sale) I'll have to eschew Russian Federation on future internet sales even though I'd rather not (PS: ebay Global Shipping Program no longer handles Russian Federation. I've never ever used this Program account it's of no use when you really need assistance...big joke).

You guys / gals who reside in Russian Federation & Indonesia sure have long street names (nothing wrong w/ that; fact of life). It's irritating as hell to reduce everything down to 40 characters so the outdated USPS labeling system can be accommodated plus I worry any abbreviation I use will handicap the sale even arriving where it's supposed to once the package leaves here.

Oh, well; c'est la vie. I'm still selling in spite of certain handicaps though monthly sales are declining account aging and deteriorating tolerance level for BS, real & imaginary.