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ZoroZoldyck (23 dias atrás) #30519991This goddamn line infuriates me so much..
We used to get tons of POP figures each arc and they were decently priced and easily accessible, look at what MH is now.. A hentai company almost.

It's definitely disappointing, but apparently from an interview with MegaHouse's boss, most of those figures ended up as shelf warmers and put the division in the red for a while, which is why we've seen fewer releases after Dressarosa arc. So it sucks but I can see why they're playing it safe by doing the popular characters and leaning hard into the sex appeal, even though it is pretty cringey. I'm really excited for the upcoming Jinbei and I'm hoping they'll get back to a place where they can do more practical figures... I'd really like Buggy, Ceasar, Kaido, Big Mom and Carrot at some point (pretty sure Carrot is popular enough to get some attention, at least).