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  • há 39 minutos
    "Now we can discuss if it’s OK or not to buy an unlicensed Product but it is not a Bootleg because there is no “Original” and if you think to Garage Kits – are they all licensed?"

    <---I just want to point out, I have no issue with buying unlicensed figures (and really I don't even care if someone buys a bootleg, I just personally wouldn't because of the difference in quality, even high quality bootlegs often have issues that set off a twitch in my eye, hell, even plenty of originals do it too, so bootlegs are definitely not for a picky guy like me), but garage kits are for the most part (the overwhelming majority) in fact licensed. Sculptors in Japan apply for a one day, amateur distribution, limited product amount copyright and they pay in order to sell their works at festivals.
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    I get how you feel, but life does happen at times... Although I'm not old enough to understand how life feels with having my own house and car (I'm a freshman in college and I borrow any family member's cars when I'm on breaks). But to a degree, I agree with you. I usually only purchase figures in which I know I have extra cash for, as well as dread when pre-orders get delayed. But there are times when I have to pass up on pre-orders or purchases because my previous part time job was shit and paid lower than minimum wage, or I need to save my money for some other necessity. So if I ever had to sell a figure right away, I would understand how everyone else feels when life hits hard.
  • há 57 minutos
    Omgoth please keep us updated I would totally love to commission a Tomoe figure as well!
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    há 1 hora$80.00 Portes gratuitos
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    Yikes, the new face looks even worse. :(
  • há 1 hora
    Maakie (há 9 horas) #28803949Hey! Did you ever make a review of ITEM #166169 ? I noticed a lot of pictures from you at this figure's page, but did not find (or could remember) a review from you about this one.
    I was planning on reviewing her myself and was editing the pictures when I saw your pictures there. It would be interesting to compare our opinions on her (if you have reviewed her ;) ).

    I was going to write a review of that figure, but I never quite got around to doing so. I got as far as setting up the review and organizing the pictures, but I never actually wrote anything. I've got a dozen reviews like that for which I keep saying "maybe someday...".

    It probably doesn't help that I don't really know very much about the character. I know Kasumi is a secondary character from Muv-Luv Alternative, but that's about it.

    I bought the figure because I found her cheap on Amazon a couple of years ago, and I thought she was cute. Plus, I like her body language and melancholic expression paired with the bunny costume; it kind of reminds me of this ITEM #1156 melancholic bunny Asuka :).
  • há 1 hora
    Is she going to be on sale?
  • há 1 hora
    Anyone else had some sticky icky glue stuck unto the paper artwork and the envelope? Had some amount of glue on mine, it kinda damaged the back of the artwork unfortunately :/.