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    Love seeing your GK posts! To be honest, I think where this GK failed you wasn't anything you did, but just the original sculpt of the face. Her expression that's sculpted (with the tiny mouth) doesn't do any favors because she has such a bewildered look on her face. I can't wait for the next post :D
    Does anybody know how RWBY figures do in aftermarket? Gonna wait to see if GSC makes the other three girls before I even consider this one.
    Got mine today and I must say sculpted beautifully.
    WCF_strawhat2 meses atrás#78416994Selling her brand new in box.
    I Also have rem RAM Emila mint in box
    for how much?
  • athleticweeb submitted a comment on [Artigo #46019] USA- DHL issueshá 18 horas
    victorviperhá 19 horas#81316560I just had this issue. A package shipped from AmiAmi through Cincinnati; it arrived in Cincy on Saturday, and it did not move Sunday or Monday. On Monday, the tracking changed to on hold, but then overnight Monday into Tuesday, it shipped out to the big hub closest to me.

    Thank you for getting back to me! My package is now in SF so i am a little less worried, hopefully it gets to me on time!
    Welcome back!

    I know this is about your figures, but I just stopped by to say your art is pretty amazing :0 I just saw it in the pic with the nendos, it is really great!

    Excited for more adventures.
  • 4catdoorman submitted a comment on [Item #693386] Chobits - Chii - 1/7 (Hobby Max)há 18 horas
    Payoki7 dias atrás#80965506I ordered from NY also, still haven't had any updates... it did say in a previous email that she would be delayed until the end of this month. Hopefully they'll give us an update by the start of August :s
    Edit: Just noticed that NY has suspended shipments to Australia where I'm located as well as the US as of July 17th due to the COVID19 situation... such unfortunate timing... not sure when I'll even be receiving her now oh man :S

    Though I have other orders with N-Y awaiting their changed fate from EMS to UPS World Wide Very Expensive Express (no) Saver when released I can relate with you re Chobits. I PO'd her and 2 prize figures via BIJ (Big in Japan) where all have been stored indefinitely account my residence in US. The shop owner sent me a bill recently for DHL which, upon reflection after picking myself up off the floor, I reluctantly paid...$210 USD for shipping. All 3 girls are on their way and this will close a chapter with my dealings via BIJ until the covid19 pandemic/fearmongering/political football power grab via global suppression subsides which I fear is going to slide into 2021.

    Wish you all well. Hope I am wrong about covid lockdown time length re JapanPost to US & other affected countries.
    Demigod_Danhá 18 horas#81317127Dang, that is both good and bad timing. Good timing because a bunch of Mataro tapestries are up for grabs as a reprint atm (I've indexed these recently) which were previously expensive, so be sure to pick those up at Melonbooks while in stock.
    Bad timing because ITEM #843748 last copy just sold on aftermarket, and this is 1 of the hardest to get. You also just missed out on ITEM #1015562 which is stupidly high priced on aftermarket.
    Other hard to gets are his first few works before he improved and became famous, but they don't have the same quality standard as his "post-fame" works so those are skippable (mainly because they are expensive af, lol). There's also a rare event exclusive tapestry of ITEM #945592 but since that's getting a figure you might wanna get that instead (the tapestry is on aftermarket atm, but pricey).
    Overall it isn't as bad as it may seem to pick up most of his tapestries though, most linger around 1.5x original price, a few below original price and a few at 2x original price so this part is very doable :P
    Edit: Oh right, forgot about daki's. Same story about his first few daki's, hella pricey (~$1000) and lower quality. Other than that, ITEM #905313 is expensive and especially wanted for some reason. 1 of the few I skipped because I didn't see the appeal lol.
    Cool, thanks for the info. Yeah pretty much all those tapestries are MUST HAVES! Gonna hit the wallet hard, but im sure i can pick most of them off.
    Received my copy today. I planned on buying her when she was released last year, but ultimately decided against it. I have regretted it ever since, but I got lucky and was able to order from restock at HobbySearch at the original price (which was admittedly still quite high).

    Overall I'm happy with her. She is my favorite Senran Kagura character and, as pointed out in a previous comment, she is quite a bit bigger than you would expect. Sadly her size in combination with her stance means she comes with a base that is large enough to double as a frisbee.

    Her skin is surprisingly soft; I don't know if this is inherent to the materials or because of a special treatment they gave her skin. It's nice regardless.

    She's very stable and balanced, even without the base. Furthermore the pins in the base go into her feet and are a tight fit, which means I don't see her fall over anytime soon. The connectors for her torso, arms and neck are all quite bulky and actually rather long in case of the torso and neck. There's no danger of anything falling off at the slightest touch. The gloves look properly solid and heavy, but are actually relatively lightweight without feeling flimsy or plasticky. They did a great job with them.

    Sadly my version isn't without faults. Her regular, bikini-clad torso doesn't seamlessly fit onto her hips, meaning a small groove remains at her left hip. It isn't very noticeable and the groove is barely a millimeter wide. Still, it shouldn't be there at all.

    Worse is the right arm of her toppless torso. You see, each arm is cut off just past the elbow, where a connector is placed which fits into the gloves. (This also means you can't display her without gloves, although I personally don't see this as an issue because the gloves are one of the main selling points in my opinion.) There is a small, black rectangle attached to each elbow that is actually part of the glove, all of which lines up nicely when the arm is inserted into the glove.

    The problem with my figure is that this rectangle is glued on noticeably crooked. You can actually see a portion of the small pin that connects the rectangle with the elbow, including the thin layer of glue. This means that, unless I fix it myself, the glove will never fit the way it should. Luckily the connector is long enough that the glove seems to be held in place well enough, and I probably won't use the topless version often. It is a definite flaw, however.
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