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    Back when I went to my first con in 2010, I thought I'd never get into figure collecting. I much preferred other merch like straps and badges and stuff, and especially in-world items (like a necklace a character wears etc.). To some extent that's still true, but I bought my first figure (the Sora formation arts figure) at that con and it was all downhill from there haha.
    há 16 minutos
    I’ve had very good luck with them and have gotten replacement parts for... hmm... 3 Figmas and 1 scale figure. I will say that my latest attempt was not met with a replacement part, but it was a very small molding error.
    há 21 minutos
    Awesome loot! I can't believe that Sansmaeda badge exists lmao

    Natsume Yuujinchou's such a wonderful series, it's nice to see art from it again. Also love all your Persona and Durarara stuff! I'm still waiting for my Goro to arrive from TOM but he looks pretty flawless in the userpics I've seen. Hopefully GSC will finally have some updates on Yusuke's nendo this Wonfes because honestly it's getting a little silly at this point seeing fully painted nendos announced while he still only has concept art

    Also, sorry it's been awhile since my last comment! Hope you've been having a wonderful New Year <3
    há 24 minutos
    Awesome fun article!! Can't wait to see more adventures with Kirby! :D
    há 31 minutos
    I always wanted to collect after I saw figure display in a local anime shop when I was 11. I didn't have money back then, so had to put the thought aside.

    10 years later, I saw ITEM #549476 go up on pre-order and I was amazed. She sparks my interest in figure collecting again (although I did get few figures during those 10 years).
    Luckily, I just got my first full-time job and am pretty comfortable with my financial situation at that time... so I just went ahead and start collecting.

    My actual first figure are some K-ON trading figs, which were given by my sister.
    ITEM #117930 is my first scale, which was bought by my parents as a souvenir from our first family trip to Japan (bought her in 2013).
    ITEM #153002 and ITEM #236098 are the first figures that I bought using my own salary.
    há 45 minutos
    I love the durarara charms! Nice loot all around :D
    há 45 minutos
    Long time ago they replaced me all messed up parts of first Sakura Miku nendo, which amounted to, well, like 2/3 of the figure.

    Next they sent me a flawless Shinobu (without the pile of donuts) to replace the one I received which had a lot of scratches on her hair.

    Both these figures were ordered from GSC shop.

    Last time I contacted them regarding scratches and smudges on their Kiss-shot. Never got a reply back. This one I got from AmiAmi. So I kinda gave up on them ever since and it's not like I want many GSC figures these days anyway. Honestly, I was kinda bummed to find complete LACK OF SHADING on Kiss-shot's skin. I have a lot of her figures and I should say ALL Banpresto prizes feature skin shading. To get this lack of detail on an expensive, long-awaited and delayed scale really is a huge turn off for me.

    My guess is they only treat you well if you order from them and contact support as soon as you get the figure.
    há 52 minutos
    I was able to contact GSC support through AmiAmi. I did contact both GSC and AmiAmi at the time, but it was AmiAmi who resolved my report quicker and got GSC to send me the missing parts (base, stand and all of the hand parts from my Figma).
    há 1 hora
    So sorry to hear about your bad run ins with GSC customer support! I had to contact them for a replacement Sakura from the large Stars Bless You figure ITEM #396841 her arm that holds her wand completely broke during shipping and after showing them pictures as proof, they responded right away & sent me a whole new Sakura replacement.

    I’m honestly quite shocked hearing about their service being poor quality. GSC is well-known for having top-notch CS so reading your experience is very concerning.
    há 1 hora
    Be wary...
    I ordered a figure thru them on December 17th and I haven't received it yet.
    Not so unexpected because of holiday delays, but they have yet to respond to several attempts to get them to address my concerns about the failure of their livetracking link to locate the package.

    So at worst so far is their customer service is a huge fail.

    We'll see if the order comes thru in a week.

    I'm beginning to smell a rat.

    I'll keep you posted if I can.
    há 1 hora
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