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    This is going to be opening a can of worms, and hopefully people will be civil enough to just be able to discuss this without needing a moderator step in.

    Whoof. Anyways -
    I'm team "nay", for reasons that people would assume are to be "PC". I understand the idea that people are like "fiction =/= reality" and so furth, but just from my perspective, I cannot help but bring a little bit of judgment from reality into this hobby.
    We got a lot of characters that try to get around the "loli" clique, there being 10000 year old lolis, legal lolis, actual lolis, imuoto lolis, etc. etc. Anime does not even surprise me anymore with it.
    I think that I'm much more bothered by lewd figurines of underage characters. I think that my idea is more aligned with just knowing that some people buy them for ummm "hot glue" purposes. I'd much happily buy figurines of underage characters (Shiro from NGNL, Shimakaze from Kancolle, etc.) if they were unlewd, just because I think it's a much more tasteful way of representing my favorite characters. Imo I almost hardly ever buy lewd figurines either though. And also I get confused too since anime tends to have some sort of fanservice for a fair bit of their characters, who sometimes end up along 14-17 anyways.

    It's definitely confusing and I'll be checking in on this article to see what other people have to say about this, who knows - I might learn something interesting.

    You are definitely right about there being a heavy blurred line between what is okay and what is not. I think that's for everyone to decide for themselves in this hobby... It's kind of strange to me, personally, I would never buy a lewd loli figurine - but I'm not going to go to someone's blog and tell them to shut up and eat ass over it either. LOL. So I guess for me it's just a hard nay for me, and a passive nay to others.
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    mimi_himeim really against it and it make me feel beyond uncomfortable when people sexualise young kids even if in the anime community its fake

    I'm really against violence. It makes me feel beyond uncomfortable when people brutalize and murder innocent bystanders, even if in the movies or games community it's fake.
    há 5 minutos
    Wow, what a transformation! She looks super cute and modern now.
    há 6 minutos
    Welcome to the board Animetrucker! :)

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    Aimaileafy (há 9 horas) #45556662I guess you dont have him anymore or do you ;w;?
    Unfortunately not but please check my mfc shop. Im selling most of my collection
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    Why are so many great figures being released in May, jesus lmao
    há 17 minutos
    Went ahead and ordered the exclusive so I can cut back on these May releases. I hope the others get the same treatment especially my boy Bakugou
    há 18 minutos
  • azusamukami submitted a comment on [Utilizador #88737] Kiz-xo
    Irritated with some people on here lol ohhh i got my Kokichi sweater!!! <3 I'll send pics on twitter
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    hi dear how are you?
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    for profile
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