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    Sekhmet (5 dias atrás) #32791663Her exclusive version is still in stock and it’s limited to just 350 pieces. They certainly dropped the bomb with her on that price. I wonder if they’ll maybe price Raven cheaper but I guess that wouldn’t make sense. They won’t cancel her or something right? I’m sure she’s selling abysmally.....they probably won’t be placing a higher number on the standard version because of this. But again it’s the price which is bad not Kat herself which makes me sad.

    If anything, the edition size would get reduced.

    Prime 1 is more of a company that is in for the long run. Pieces don't necessarily sell out very quick unless it's a very hot item. Gravity Daze is a really niche license which they were well aware of going in.

    Raven should be safe to hit production later on.
    há 10 segundos
    Hell nah!!! Dem be Fighting Words there!!!!

    The Castlevania LOS series is one of my favs....I don't do that side scrolling BS from the older games (but they are of course classics)!! LOL...LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the LOS games though.... Besides just look at this guy...HOW is he not amazingly cool??? He is stunning.... I mean just watch the clip too....that guy is totally BA.


    clip :D

    há 1 minuto
    Selling mine for $95 + shipping.
    CLASSIFIED #150046
    há 3 minutos
    emolewi95 (há 12 horas) #33077323I wish figma did like a line of alternate bodies for figma... so we could get them in their school clothes without having to buy whole new figures

    I gotta disagree, head is just small part of figma. Even if they do, they probably only cut 1000 yen from the ususal price. I'd rather pay extra 1000 yen for extra figure to display, not to bother the fact I'll have one headless figma to keep.
    há 5 minutos
    Hey does anyone in the U.S. want to buy my Anne? Shes brand new and unopened from Nipponyassan. I would love to keep her and display her but I am unfortunately one of the asshole type collectors who keeps their figures unopened and she doesn't have a windowless box.... So... she's for sale...
    há 5 minutos
    Welcome to the board Egg_Sweater! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    há 6 minutos
    Solarstormflare (há 1 hora) #33091252I'm glad the cape? is supported, but i wish the peg was transparent...

    Most likely will be transparent in final product, if they keep it until the final product Hopefully it wont be necessary
    há 6 minutos
  • llssyy submitted a comment on [Utilizador #91358] Niyari
    Hi, your inbox is full, I'd like to have some information about sale #150045.
    há 8 minutos
  • MajesticCow submitted a comment on [Artigo #39887] Underwear
    Amiami has some underwear but not a lot, I've only seen one pair of boxers for fate and a bunch of striped bras and panties, but other than that I don't know anywhere else since I don't know any Japanese clothes stores.
    há 8 minutos
    victorviper (há 13 minutos) #33092156View spoilerHide spoilerI wouldn't call it bad luck, but I had an interesting run-in with another rare and hard to find 18+ figure, ITEM #78282.
    That figure is borderline impossible to find, but every now and then when I'm on eBay, I'll throw some keywords around just in case someone happens to be liquidating their collection which just happens to include that figure.
    One day, I actually got a hit on the figure, and the price was quite reasonable (~$150). I was all set to hit the "buy now" button, but a quick reading of the listing revealed that about 6 parts of the figure were broken or missing (it's polystone). Fortunately, the seller was honest and forthcoming about the figure's condition, and it disappeared shortly thereafter anyway (someone must have decided to buy it and try their hand at repairing it), but for a few seconds, I thought I was going to score a deal on a very rare figure! Oh well...

    I'd call it bad luck xD

    Similar to mine with mandarake. I was super happy to finally see it in stock, opened it, and it doesn't mention the post card bonus, and also says "heavily damaged box". At least the figure is intact but I want all three things xD

    Situations like these lift your spirits and expectations, to just murder them ;-;
    há 9 minutos
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