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Lulu is a playable character in Final Fantasy X. She is one of Yuna's Guardians. Next to Auron, she is the wisest and most mature of them all. Lulu grew up with Yuna in Besaid. She and Wakka think of Yuna as a younger sister. Lulu's stoic and self-possessed nature makes her seem insensitive at times, but she has a hidden bit of gentleness underneath. She specializes in the art of Black Magic, using various dolls to help cast powerful spells. She is instrumental in helping Tidus adjust to the world of Spira, although she does not fully believe his claim of being from Zanarkand.

Lulu deviates from the traditional Black Mage look like that of Vivi Orunitia. She is instead dressed in an outlandish low-cut fur-lined dark grey and black dress that prominently displays her ample cleavage (from which she also pulls out items when she uses the Item command). She wears a huge collection of interlaced belts below the waist. Her hair is tied up in a knot at the top with long braids dangling from it. Her manner of dress is also completely different from that of other residents of the tropical isle, and the cultural distinction implied by her clothing and appearance are never explained. The only known citizen of Spira who looks or dresses anything like her is Paine, who is introduced in Final Fantasy X-2.

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