Takashiro Chidori
Takashiro Chidori
Original name
高城 千鳥





Chidori Takashiro (高城 千鳥 Takashiro Chidori) is the female protagonist from the anime series . She, along with the other Kiznaivers, attends Sugomori High is class 2-A. She is humanistic and seemingly nosy at times, but is shown to care greatly for others, especially her childhood friend, Katsuhira Agata. "Goody Two-Shoes" is her updated sin, dubbed by Sonozaki. The sin she represents the most out of the Kiznaivers is envy.

She is a friendly, outgoing person who cares deeply for her friends. She is quick to stand up for those close to her, and berates Katsuhira for allowing himself to be bullied. She apologizes immediately after something she feels is wrong, occasionally even asking why she is saying sorry as if the other doesn't deserve it. She can be easily irritated, and when this happens she becomes highly reckless and sometimes unreasonable, shifting through emotions. When angered, she usually inflicts pain on the one causing the emotion without thought, harming the Kiznaivers as well as herself. This is shown a few times with Tenga.
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