Happy☆sama! ~Miyanomori Mura e Youkoso!~Happy☆sama! ~Miyanomori Mura e Youkoso!~

Bringing the hobby to your door.
Happy☆sama! ~Miyanomori Mura e Youkoso!~
Happy☆sama! ~Miyanomori Mura e Youkoso!~
Original name
はぴ☆さま! ~宮乃森村へようこそ!~




Tsukishima Yuuko - Happy☆sama! ~Miyanomori Mura e Youkoso!~ - Princess☆Strike! - Art Book - Doujinshi - 1 - Rorimani Art Works (Roritora!!)Happy☆sama! ~Miyanomori Mura e Youkoso!~ - Eroge - PC Game - Visual Novel (Sugar Pot)


Yuuta lived with his father in the city after his mother’s death when he was young. One day, his father suddenly left for work overseas and Yuuta ended up getting evicted from his apartment and moved to his mother’s hometown, Miyanomori-mura. Living in the countryside for the first time, he is surrounded by girls who are interested in hearing about how it’s like in the city. He’s exhausted from this scenery change, but more unexpected things happen to him… He’s possessed by the goddess of wealth and fertility (in chibi form)! However, she makes him extremely unlucky instead.
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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