MS-07B Gouf
MS-07B Gouf
Original name
MS-07B グフ





Designed as a high-performance replacement for the MS-06J Zaku II, the ground combat MS-07B Gouf became famous during the One Year War at the hands of ace Zeon pilot Ramba Ral. Though his personal Gouf was technically a prototype (possibly the YMS-07B), the production-model Gouf which came off the assembly line shortly thereafter was exactly identical. This fully-equipped production model B-type Gouf immediately followed a limited production run of A-type Goufs, which were produced without the built-in armaments of the standard B-types due to a parts shortage. However, the standard Gouf lived a short life itself, as production was quickly halted and the new ground combat MS-09 Dom went into production. Though the Gouf's production run was short, units were deployed all across the world, including places such as Australia and the Gobi Desert.

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