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Figures, Goodies and Dakimakura shop.

Aerith GainsboroughAerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough
Aerith Gainsborough
Original name
também conhecido como?
Aeris Gainsborough
Aeris Gainsbourg
Aerith Gainborough
The Flower Girl





Aerith Gainsborough, alternately known with the first name Aeris, and other times with the surname Gainborough, or Gainsbourg, is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII and a major character in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII; appearing in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. She is the last of the Cetra, an ancient race with powerful magical abilities, and so the Shinra Electric Power Company hunts her throughout her life, seeking to exploit her powers.

Aerith is portrayed as an independent, outgoing and kind young woman who displays an intuitive understanding of others and is deeply in-tune with nature.
Figures, Goodies and Dakimakura shop.

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