Eternal Sailor Moon
Eternal Sailor Moon
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Mitsuishi Kotono - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Eternal Sailor Moon - Tsukino Usagi - Single - Ai wo Shinjiteru (Columbia)


Sailor Moon receives her third and final form at the end of the fourth major story arc; the combined power of the other Sailor Soldiers transforms her into Eternal Sailor Moon, whom Diana says is the closest in power to Neo-Queen Serenity. Her uniform is even more radically altered — most significantly, two pairs of angelic wings adorn her back. They replace her standard back bow as they are attached only at the waist and are in the shape of a large bow.

In the manga, Eternal Sailor Moon uses the Silver Moon Crystal (an evolved form of the Silver Crystal) to carry out her attacks. In the Sailor Stars anime it is less clear whether the crystal she is using is still called the Silver Crystal. The names of the attacks are congruent with the manga, which uses the name of the new crystal, but the crystal is not clearly given a new name.
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