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Saigusa Haruka
Saigusa Haruka
Original name
三枝 葉留佳


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Voiced by: Keiko Suzuki

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Haruka is a schoolmate of Riki's from a different class, but despite this, always seems to find time to hang around in Riki's classroom. She is a problem child and will start an uproar for her own personal enjoyment, which causes her twin sister, the public morals chairman Kanata Futaki, to often chase after her. She use marbles as a weapon to distract the public morals committee from chasing her, and when Riki is with her, she will drag Riki away, explaining that being captured by the public morals committee means big trouble for her. The truth is, she was abused by her family (not her parents, who were kept away from her and Kanata), while Kanata was seemingly treated very well, though truthfully she was not. She thus starts trouble to bother her sister and shame her family name. She works part-time in the school's cafeteria to get permission to use the oven to bake muffins and cakes.

Haruka is a reasonably agile character, but has poor concentration and judgment values, which often causes her to make poor decisions in battle and baseball games. She is one of the most active players on the baseball field, however, so it is recommended that she is set as an outfielder for the baseball game. During practice, there is a chance that she will fail to catch the ball, though this happens very rarely.

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