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Noda Junko - Ohba Mahito - One Piece - Smoker - Tashigi - Character Song - One Piece Island Song Collection  (No.08) - Single - Loguetown "Hajimari to Owari no Machi" (Avex Pictures)


Smoker the White Hunter (白猟のスモーカー) is a Marine. He was first introduced in Loguetown, where he made it his mission to capture Monkey D. Luffy. He was initially introduced as a captain (大佐) in his first appearance. As the story progressed, his rank was promoted to Commodore (准将) due to events in Arabasta.

Smoker is a muscular white haired man, who carries the very distinct trait of always being seen smoking two cigars at once. He wears a large thick white and blue specialist Marine jacket which he keeps open with greenish fur lining the neck, wrists and hem. Many cigars are strapped to the jacket which has the kanji for '"justice'" (正義,) written on the back of it. He carries a Seastone tipped jutte as his weapon. He also wears brown leather gloves, blue jeans with a brown belt and large military issue brown leather boots.

Smoker has eaten the Moku Moku no Mi Devil Fruit. The Fruit allows him to control any smoke around him. He can also change part or all of his body into smoke at will, like other Logia-type Devil Fruit powers. He can also manipulate the smoke to make it soft or hard, allowing him to hold and constrict others within it.

His birthday is March 14th, a Japanese holiday called White Day (coinciding with his smoke powers, and "white" theme to his attack names).

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