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Rosa FarrelRosa Farrel

Rosa Farrel
Rosa Farrel
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Final Fantasy IV DS - Rosa Farrel - Trading Arts Mini (Square Enix)Final Fantasy IV - Rosa Farrel - Chrome (DigiCube)



Cle Masahiro - Final Fantasy IV - Rosa Farrel - Rydia - Comics - Doujinshi - '2 - CL-orz (Etcycle)


Rosa Joanna Farrell is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV. She hails from Baron, and is a skilled Archer and White Mage. Rosa is a childhood friend of Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind, and harbors romantic feelings for Cecil. She is gentle and kind by nature and is said to be the most beautiful woman in Baron. Though Cecil is reluctant to let her follow him into danger at first, she does accompany him and stays by his side for a great deal of the game.

Source: The Final Fantasy Wiki.
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