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Tales of the Abyss - Tear Grants - 1/7 (Milestone)Tales of the Abyss - Tear Grants - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Tales of the Abyss - Tear Grants - One Coin Grande Figure Collection - Tales of the Abyss One Coin Grande Figure Collection - Optional equipment ver. (Kotobukiya)Tales of the Abyss - Tear Grants - One Coin Grande Figure Collection - Tales of the Abyss One Coin Grande Figure Collection (Kotobukiya)Tales of the Abyss - Tear Grants - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Tales of Series 3 (Banpresto)Tales of the Abyss - Tear Grants - Prop Plus Petit (Bandai)Tales of the Abyss - Tear Grants - Prop Plus Petit (Bandai)




Mystearica Aura Fende (メシュティアリカ・アウラ・フェンデ), better known as Tear Grants is a Seventh Fonist in the military wing of the Order of Lorelei, the religion overseeing the Score. She lost both parents when she was still an infant, and has been raised as a warrior ever since. She is staid and silent, giving her a cold air, but she has a secret weak spot for cute things. A certain incident leads to her joining with Luke on his adventure.

The Fende family was originally from the Island of Hod which was destroyed in the Hod War that left a large portion of the continent devastated by its effects. The island fell into the Qliphoth, taking both Tear's mother who was pregnant with her at the time and Van, her older brother, into the miasma-filled world under Auldrant's crust. The only reason they weren't killed from the miasma is because Van sang one of Yulia's fonic hymns, which saved them from the poisonous gas.

Raised by Van, the Commandant of the God-Generals, and her adopted grandfather, Mayor Teodoro of Yulia City. She quickly joined the Order of Lorelei when she was of age. She is a Locrian Sergeant in the Oracle Knights Intelligence Division, a section of the Oracle of Lorelei that presides over the Score.

Tear's detached demeanor came from her mentor, Legretta the Quick, Van's assistant and one of the Six God-Generals. To this day Tear considers Legretta the reason why she became so cold, concise and calculating - that and wanting Van's approval.

It has been said that Tear and her family are the descendents of Yulia, the original fonist who discovered the Seventh Fonon and as a result, Tear is able to use it. However, unlike those that are able to use the Seventh Fonon, she is currently the only one to date save for Yulia that is able to use the Grand Fonic Hymn, a compilation of seven Fonic hymns, that provide its recipient with increased statistics which makes them more or less invincible for a time.
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