Capone Bege
Capone Bege
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Capone "Gang" Bege





Capone "Gang" Bege is a mafia don likening pirate who hails from West Blue. He is the leader of the Firetank Pirates and is one of eleven pirates who have been referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas", rookie pirates whose bounties are higher than 100,000,000.

Like Don Krieg, Bege controls a massive force of subordinates. Unlike Krieg, however, he holds them within his body using some unknown Devil Fruit, including horses and cannons. He manifests these objects outside his body by first manifesting gunports and doorbridges on his person through which his "troops" could come out. It is currently unknown whether or not these people, animals, and objects were created by his own powers or were actually real and made miniature by his powers. Essentially, this makes Bege a human-sized walking fortress, a literal one-man army. His insides also appear to that of a literal fortress, featuring stone brick rooms as well as drawbridges that can open and close, again putting into question whether Capone creates them at will or that his body truly does function like a fortress and has people run around his body at all times. When the objects and people within him reach a certain distance away from his body, shown by a pinkish layer of an unknown aura centered on Bege's location, they go back to full size upon passing that distance, resulting in large cannon volleys and cavalry seemingly popping out of nowhere from one man.

He is named after real life 1920's gangster, Alphonse "Al" Capone. His inspiration is both from Capone as well as French privateer William le Sauvage.

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