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Midarezaki KyoukaMidarezaki Kyouka

Midarezaki Kyouka
Midarezaki Kyouka
Original name
乱崎 凶華




Kyouran Kazoku Nikki - Midarezaki Kyouka - Ending Theme - Nichijou no Kami-sama (Lantis)


The 'mother' of Midarezaki family. She is twenty years old, however, she has an appearance of a little girl with a cat's ear and a cat's tail. Her real name is 'Kyoukya Eaeriaea (キョウキァ=エアエリアエア)', and she used to be worshiped by the people of an underground kingdom named 'Shangri-la', however, she ran away because she felt something missing from her life. Due to her past of being worshiped, she has very arrogant and destructive nature, but despite her personality, she is actually very caring about her family. She has an ability named 'Keitai Denwa (携帯電話 lit. cell phone), which allows her to manipulate a person's mind.

Source: MAL
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