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Femto (フェムト) is the incarnation of Griffith as a member of the God Hand. During the Incarnation Ceremony, he is reincarnated with a human body but given unknown powers, continuing to chase his dream of a kingdom backed up by his new Band of the Hawk. Femto's body appears as dark armor with cape-like wings on the back, with a demonic version of Griffith's familiar hawk-beak helmet. Femto is capable of flight via his wings. He also has the ability to manipulate matter, and distort space.

In terms of character, Femto is Griffith stripped of all humanity. His first act as a member of the God Hand was to rape Casca as retribution for Guts' abandoning of the Hawks and afterwards takes exceptional pleasure in taunting Guts, referring to Guts' wrath as being beneath his notice and calling his existence worthless. He has made very few actual appearances since Griffith reappeared in human form at Albion, although his influence within Griffith remains incredibly strong.

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