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Ohara Mari
Ohara Mari
Original name
小原 鞠莉





Mari is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is 17 years old and a third year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She was born on June 13. Her image color is purple. She is part of a mini idol unit with Sakurauchi Riko and Tsushima Yoshiko.

Mari is a third-year student. Her mother is Japanese, while her father is Italian-American and manages a hotel chain. Cheerful in personality, she often prefers to work by herself. Always keeps her chin up when faced with hardship and ready to try her hand at anything. She does not feel she is very suited to become an idol. Her hobbies are sports and horseback riding, her talent is in her flexibility and singing. Her favorite genre of music is industrial metal. She appears to be the composer for Aqours.
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