Benetnasch Mime Eta
Benetnasch Mime Eta
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Saint Seiya - Benetnasch Mime Eta - Saint Cloth Myth - Myth Cloth - God Warrior Cloth (Bandai)Saint Seiya - Benetnasch Mime Eta - Saint Cloth (Bandai)




Mime Benetnasch (エータ星ベネトナーシュのミーメ, Eetasei Benetonasshu no mime) is one of the seven God Warriors in the series Saint Seiya, created by Masami Kurumada.

Mime is a traumatized young who murdered his stepfather Folker, who took care of him since he was a baby because he blamed for the death of the natural parents of Mime . During the battle with the Saints brass faced Andromeda Shun, who could not use their chains to attack, because they perceived it as an enemy. Mime concealed hatred, which remained in his heart. Ikki, who came to the aid of his brother, let him see the reality, his stepfather was a noble person who took care of him and killed his parents unintentionally. Mime to discover that, freed his hatred and so Ikki defeated him. Mime died wishing reunited with Ikki, but in a peaceful world without strife or war.
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