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Air Gear - Simca - Creators' Labo - #009 - 1/6 (Yamato)
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04/2007 As Standard
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If anybody sells her for 70-80€ PM me thanks!
4 anos atrás
Simca figures original prices were expensive and yet they don't look so good. I'm disappointed :(
4 anos atrás
I bought her off of HobbyFan.com years ago for I think like 99$, she came prepainted and looks great. Though I will say her hairs indeed are very fragile but she displays great. I see her from time to time on Buyee for a fair price as well as many other hard to find Air Gear figs.
4 anos atrás
anyone selling
5 anos atrás
Anybody selling her? D:
5 anos atrás
watch out for hairs they are very fragile
6 anos atrás
frouchie7 anos atrás#1624723page16.auctions... On YJA for 4000 yen.

I wish I can read that.
7 anos atrás
page16.auctions... On YJA for 4000 yen.
7 anos atrás
selling my! If anyone is interested please PM me.
7 anos atrás
strictlystyles Closet Nerd
Of course it wont lean as much, its a Resin figure.
9 anos atrás