Pocket Monsters - Musashi - Pocket Monsters Characters World  (Vol.1) - Trainer 2-Pack (Tomy)Pocket Monsters - Musashi - Pocket Monsters Characters World (Vol.1) - Trainer 2-Pack (Tomy)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Was released in a single pack in the US via hasbro and included ITEM #45573


I spent my childhood looking for Jessie... AND I NEVER FOUND HER
4 anos atrás
I used to have her! I let her go though, back when I had to move states. > ,< She could have fit right in now, like the happy collector below me. ; w;~
5 anos atrás
found this one when i was cleaning out my old room, now it fits right in to my figure collection :D
7 anos atrás
I have both this one and a Misty/Kasumi one - all things considered, they're really nice figures? What most bothers me is that at the time there were Brock and James ones available as well, just my local shops never had them. No idea where I'd even think of trying to be able to get hold of them these days :\
8 anos atrás
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