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Another - Akazawa Izumi - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)
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This is the character I prefer in the animation. In the novel she's nothing than a B, but the animation developed this character quite well... At least before the finale. So even I was not a fan of Shf figures and the design of this one is not that great, I would still buy it. Now Shf figures are getting better in quality, but there has not been any news of this for years. Sad story.
4 anos atrás
no news? or already cancelled?
6 anos atrás
I hope this eventually gets released...
7 anos atrás
Shaymin8 anos atrás#1201252AFAIK, Shiki wasn't popular with male viewers/readers in Japan to the point that I haven't seen any garage kits for the series.
Dumb boys... I would kill for a figure of Sunako or Megumi.
7 anos atrás
7 anos atrás
finally a figure of some other character from Another besides Mei Q v Q Its not that i don't like Mei or anything, I just think that it would be nice for more of the other characters to get some merchandise too o v o
7 anos atrás
Kirageddon7 anos atrás#1214433I'll build shrine for Bandai if they surprise me with a Yukari Figuart :3
I doubt that it will ever happen, but man.. I would love a Yukari! Especially with her umbrella~
7 anos atrás
I'll build a shrine for Bandai if they surprise me with a Yukari Figuart :3
7 anos atrás
WindsorSeven8 anos atrás#1204013Is it just me or is the Figuart line getting more and more random?

It's not just you...
8 anos atrás
YES! I was hoping for a figure of her! :D
8 anos atrás