Piapro Characters - Hatsune Miku - Artist MasterPiece - Alice ver. (Taito)Piapro Characters - Hatsune Miku - Artist MasterPiece - Alice ver. (Taito)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Piapro Characters - Hatsune Miku - Artist MasterPiece - Alice ver. (Taito)
Escala & Dimensões
H=210mm (8.19in)
Data de lançamento
03/2022 As Prize
Japonês8,173 hits • 53 comentários65 favoritos



Love love LOVE her!! waiting for the release to see how that face turns out. kinda nervous, 'cause she could go "smiling with teeth" to "gritting her teeth" real quick.
4 dias atrás
I absolutely love her❤️
Hope maybe they'll make some more Alice in Wonderland figures,
Queen of Hearts Miku perhaps? >:0❤️
10 dias atrás
Preordering asap! She's way too cute ;_;
11 dias atrás
Preorder opened at HLJ : www.hlj.com/hat...
12 dias atrás
After seeing some more pictures I'm really on the fence of getting her...love the outfit but her smile kinda blends into the rest of her face since it's just teeth.

Also looks a bit more like a grimace rather than a smile lol
28 dias atrás
For my fellow Europeans she's also already up for po on Archonia!!
28 dias atrás
1 mês atrás
alonso21701 mês atrás#101406416Where can I PO this? Does anyone know?
I think it'll be available for preorder on the usual stores eventually
1 mês atrás
Where can I PO this? Does anyone know?
1 mês atrás
RacheruTheNeko1 mês atrás#101318099That is such shame to hear - I was always impressed with the seasonal Miku. Hopefully it was a one to mistake and not quality we will come to expect from them. Thanks for taking to time to respond.

No problem!

I know some will say I'm being too harsh, but all I'm really doing is comparing it to Taito's own previous quality. I just can't accept such a drop in quality for an "artist masterpiece" line that costs $8 more than their superior seasonal Mikus. Prize figure space at this point is limited for me, anyway. But I would still be up to buying their seasonal figures and the occasional figure like this one, if their quality remained the same.
1 mês atrás