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dead-wolfwood1 mês atrás#103234417It's worth mentioning the artist makes NFTs, so for people interested keep it in mind if you don't support the idea of them

Thank you for posting this, not preordering urghhh so sad.

Not only are NFTs bad for the environment and a scam it's actively hurting professional and working artists like me! Can't support something that's legit making my career worse.
16 dias atrás
iya average visual novel enjoyer
art is cute but the eyes on it look horrid, doesn't translate well to a figure
19 dias atrás
whyy does everything i like have to get ruined :( its such a pretty figure too wtf
25 dias atrás
SpunkNuggets26 dias atrás#103418557Do you mind explaining what this means a bit? I'm very curious.I don’t know absolutely everything about them (so apologies in any of my info is wrong), but I know enough to see how awful they are. NFTs are the selling of receipts attached to digital art. So, when you purchase one, you are buying the receipt (a link to the image) rather than actually buying and claiming possession of the image itself. It is very stupid and a huge gimmick that has attracted artists looking to make an easy dollar, and people looking to launder money through a system not regulated by any sort of government power (until recently). But, on top of all that it is extremely harmful to the environment. [url= twitter.com/tat...][/url]Here’s a super helpful thread detailing their negative impact and how catastrophic they are. You’re free to have your own opinions and everything on them, but I personally think they are extremely stupid and have no reason to exist
25 dias atrás
mocchi26 dias atrás#103418671I just asked my bf and he said it has something to do with selling digital art using crypto currency.
Edit: Found this article on the topic

Thank you! This helped explain it a lot! Now gonna cancel my PO. It's too bad, the figure is a unique design
26 dias atrás
Yullen1 mês atrás#103261284Could you explain this more pls. Even with some research I'm very confused
I just asked my bf and he said it has something to do with selling digital art using crypto currency.

Edit: Found this article on the topic
26 dias atrás
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