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Persona 3 - Yoshino Chidori - 1/8 (Clay Goo)
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02/10/2013 As Limited
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Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter]


Her face could use a lil tweaking. But why nobody has picked this up to pvc it is beyond me.
6 anos atrás
catfairy6 anos atrás#1956980400+ on ebay. damn 0-0 if I had that kind of cash....

If it's YetiArt you're talking about, they also offer a lower quality paint service for about half price if you ask them for it.
Their lower quality isn't bad at all, it's just got more cartooney tones and brighter colours.
...Still a lot of gold coins sacrificed, though.
6 anos atrás
400+ on ebay. damn 0-0 if I had that kind of cash....
6 anos atrás
Hello, does anyone have this item for sale? Preferably painted? Please PM ME. My budget is $100-130 for her PAINTED. OR $60-70 NOT PAINTED. Thanks! :)
6 anos atrás
I cannot wait I have someone who will paint it for me once I get it!
6 anos atrás
Wait, is this really getting released? Anybody know?
6 anos atrás
What I wouldn't give for this!!!
6 anos atrás
This is pretty amazing, I'd definately buy this if it was a pvc
7 anos atrás
omg this is awesome, but GK not PVC, noooooo!
7 anos atrás
sabrielle_ann 花-ちゃん (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
7 anos atrás