Free! -Eternal Summer- - Tachibana Makoto - Voice Alarm Clock (Movic)Free! -Eternal Summer- - Tachibana Makoto - Voice Alarm Clock (Movic)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Free! -Eternal Summer- - Tachibana Makoto - Voice Alarm Clock (Movic)
Escala & Dimensões
W=120mm (4.68in)  L=180mm (7.02in)
Datas de lançamento
08/2014 As Exclusive
05/11/2014 As Limited + Exclusive
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Selling one brand new for $250 + shipping (plus free anime gift!)

Ships from San Jose, CA.
1 ano atrás
Managed to find one of these on my trip to Japan. Never ever thought I'd get one!! It was about 10800 yen (almost £70) but it's so worth it!
Haven't added any batteries yet, it's currently sat on my Makoto shelf for me to marvel at!
4 anos atrás
Selling one brand new for $250 + shipping, PM me if interested (seriously it's a must for Mako fans)
4 anos atrás
ugh...when finally has the money </3 now..
.. can't find him anywhere...OTL

4 anos atrás
OMG IT'S HERE @_@ I'll post pics soon!
5 anos atrás
One in Mandarake for 15k!!! ekizo.mandarake...

If you think that's excessive, well... it is. (lol) All of them have been going around for that amount in auctions, so if you wanna get one without having to pay for a third party service, this is your chance! (I'd totally get this one as a backup if I had the money)
5 anos atrás
I finally got my hands on one! It was quite a bit more than the retail, but I was expecting that; bid for it and splurged all out at the end and spent 13k @_@ This is definitely one of my insane anime-tard moments lol (the previous one being getting an official dakimakura). I'll post pics and stuff when it arrives! :D
5 anos atrás
one day, I will own you baby~ ; w ;
5 anos atrás
Tokitokii5 anos atrás#2375755Even Rin's cost a lot, i'll hope price will drop with time...
Yeah I saw Rin for the same crazy price (he's my 2nd DO WANT but I don't have that much money... >_<) there's a Haruka for 13500, which I wouldn't balk at so badly (would buy instantly if that was the price for Mako) but my priority is Makoto so... I wouldn't be so hopeful about them dropping price unfortunately, anime voice alarm clocks are extremely difficult to find (at least the ones you want) and due to their rarity end up with exorbitant prices (or just plain disappear). Really wish they made regular batches for sale on international online stores, they always sell like hotcakes.

I'll keep an eye on these in Mandarake too so check back regularly :)
5 anos atrás
Tokitokii5 anos atrás#2373648I found a video with his lines, pretty cute!

So I'm trying to bid for one in Yahoo Auctions, but most of them have $100 on top of the original price (INSANE). Unless you're super crazy (like me) I don't recommend getting them off Y.A., way too much money.
5 anos atrás
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