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Versailles no Bara - Oscar François de Jarjayes - 1/7 - Silver ver. (SEGA)Versailles no Bara - Oscar François de Jarjayes - 1/7 - Silver ver. (SEGA)

Versailles no Bara - Oscar François de Jarjayes - 1/7 - Silver ver. (SEGA)
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05/2010 As Standard
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i really love these figures but honestly, the price they typically go for online r ridiculous. i spent a 100$ on the red one and like, i'm happy but holy mama it def ain't worth that much. (but unfortunately for me i'm rov trash so i got it anyways)
i recently managed to win the silver one for 30$ however so i'm happy about that tho!! since i'm gonna spend so little on it; i think it's safe to say that i can customize it w/out feeling guilty!

also with these figures, there's a lot of seam-lines(??) unfortunately which i was a bit surprised because i have some other sega figures and they're not like that. also that rose is too tiny for that hand.;__;
again i LOVE these figures but i wish it was a bit better made considering there aren't a lot of rov figures out there.;_;

but anyway's it's good. soon i'll get this and i'll b able to customize it and make it extra special!! <3
2 anos atrás
I got this today and it is FAR larger than 1/7 scale, for reference. Possibly not quite a 1/6 scale but definitely not 1/7 unless she's a giant.
2 anos atrás
solluxcaptor (3 anos atrás) #4023566Desperately looking for this, if anyone finds it anywhere ;__;
there is one on eBay atm
3 anos atrás
Edit: Finally got her after a long long time of searching, 4k on Mandarake!
3 anos atrás
What a nice figure *_* I wish I'd been able to get this one & the red variant...
6 anos atrás
ekizo.mandarake... 1k at mandarake
7 anos atrás
Okay, so the double prize pack of Oscar is gone now at AmiAmi... Didn´t thought that the sale for her would be so strong.

But maybe they just didn´t get enough stock...
8 anos atrás