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DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Nitro+CHiRAL Plush Series - Scrap ver. (Gift)DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Nitro+CHiRAL Plush Series - Scrap ver. (Gift)

DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Nitro+CHiRAL Plush Series - Scrap ver. (Gift)
Escala & Dimensões
H=200mm (7.8in)
Datas de lançamento
01/21/2016 As Limited + Exclusive
06/2015 As Limited + Exclusive
05/03/2015 As Limited
Japonês12,393 hits • 92 comentários7 favoritos



Orders for the January release can be placed via Gift Online Shop between the 13th November 18:00JST 2015 to the 24th November 13:00JST 2015.


Interested in buying if anyones selling?
1 mês atrás
5 meses atrás
cutieepinkyy (3 anos atrás) #6037587Selling my extra for $45 if anybody's interested!

Still selling if anyone's interested! ^^
2 anos atrás
Selling my extra for $45 if anybody's interested!
3 anos atrás
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Got mine and oMG I lovE HiM AAAH FINALLY SLY BLUE <3
3 anos atrás
Got mine yst and he's so cute. :3
3 anos atrás
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
Have extra for sale. Asking for 5000 yen. Unregistered SAL shipping from Japan 580 yen.
Edit: last one still available.
3 anos atrás
Bij received the package! That's freaking fast! :O

Edit: and they shipped it out earlier today. XD
3 anos atrás
Got a shipping notification from Gift. XD
There's even a tracking number!
3 anos atrás
Hidan (3 anos atrás) #3062449I have at the moment 202 Euro "on hold"...and the 79,73 Euro for 10,800 yen is still there but I got today my new charge too from Gift... my bank won't help me since they know less than me about foreign transactions LOL
It is good to know that even in America this works the same...hmm... then I guess I have no other choice but to wait more and when nothing happens contact Gift directly~
Thanks for the help!(ノ≧∀≦)ノ

What? Your bank knows lesser than you about foreign transactions? Isn't supposed to be their job to know more? I had a hold on my money as well but it's already been released. For some reason, it also took longer than usual to release. Usually GSC holds would be gone after a few days but this one took like 2 weeks I think. Luckily I had no need for that money at that time. I also got charged by Gift today. I doubt Gift will be able to help you but I guess it's worth a shot.
3 anos atrás
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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