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Sora no Otoshimono - Ikaros (Takara Tomy A.R.T.S)
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07/2010 As Standard
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I'm looking for the one that have the watermelon in her hand. PM me if have
1 dia atrás
J-Figure6 anos atrás#2238933Hello. We have one with watermelon at €24,80.
Look forward to our order.

thank you so much! I finally have her now :D
6 anos atrás
Hello. We have one with watermelon at €24,80.
Look forward to our order.
6 anos atrás
I'm still looking for the one with the melon in her hands.
Please sell her to me! :-)
6 anos atrás
if someone to want to sell her let me know it. i don´t want to buy the entire set because of her.
8 anos atrás
I have this whole set in variation if anyone is interested. Still unopened in the plastic bags. I bought it and now don't have any room to display it. Looking for $30 plus shipping to cover what I paid for it.
9 anos atrás
Still no one with the watermelon for sale?
9 anos atrás
I've got it. But you know that I ain't selling it ;)

Anyway I was wondering if there were more people who had the version with the watermelon.
9 anos atrás
The secret version has a water melon in her hands. Who is willing to sell that one to me?
10 anos atrás
Bringing the hobby to your door.



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