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Aldnoah.Zero - Slaine Troyard - Asterisk Collection Series - Fmune 001 (Azone)Aldnoah.Zero - Slaine Troyard - Asterisk Collection Series - Fmune 001 (Azone)

Aldnoah.Zero - Slaine Troyard - Asterisk Collection Series - Fmune 001 (Azone)
Escala & Dimensões
H=110mm (4.29in)
Data de lançamento
12/22/2015 As Standard
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Japonês19,486 hits • 44 comentários4 favoritos



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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Selling the whole military uniform body and serious face with hair piece SALE #114141
(Does not come with shy face, 2nd hair piece, or sitting body)
Feel free to PM if interested!
2 anos atrás
Does anyone thinks the hybridation would work on a 21cm male obitsu body?
The 11cm body looks nice but finding clothes (other than dresses of course...) is really hard T_T
2 anos atrás
Just received mine and I'm quite happy with it. if you attach the head to the obitsu body 11cm (i got the white one however even with this, slaine's head skin color is still whiter) it actually looks proportionate and would be a legit poseable slaine.

Apparently (based on the manual picture/1457980...)you can also attach the head to a picco neemo body however, currently, the only picco neemo available is that of a girls body so I didn't risk in buying that.

My only problem now would be the clothes :(. Also, another problem is the neck attachment in the obitsu 11cm body can't quite support the weight of the head so it might swivel a bit. I think this can be solved if there is a possibility to attach the head to the obitsu 11cm body using the original attachment that came with the head.

Hope this helps ^_^
3 anos atrás
He is so cute and adorable!! XD
3 anos atrás
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Suze (3 anos atrás) #5562687No. AmiAmi sent a payment request 22th December. I paid for him already.Ah neat, still wasn't in stock on my order when I last checked.
3 anos atrás
Milady-Alluca (3 anos atrás) #5562517I wonder if he's been delayed to January as well. I know AmiAmi hasn't updated it yet but I could have sworn I saw something around Azone when looking up doll stuff that he was marked for January or something. I don't care particularly either way though January would make my December order easier :B
No. AmiAmi sent a payment request 22th December. I paid for him already.
3 anos atrás
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