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GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2016 Ver. (Good Smile Company)GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2016 Ver. (Good Smile Company)

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I'm seeing a lot of criticism for the 2016 design but to me its definitely one of the better racing miku's so far. The simplicity of the outfit and the orange colors remind me of the 2010 GSR Miku which is one of my favorites. Because lets face it, 2010 captured the theme of "racing" much more than the past designs have, which are more akin to "space princess miku" rather than "racing miku". Also that hair is so pleasing to look at, a multicolored hair miku is something that I havent seen before in any of the GSR Miku figures, much less any Miku figure. imho I can't see how this looks "rehashed".
That being said, the only concern I have with her is how the wings would turn out of they decide to use them. They seem like they'd be the first part to break off.
1 ano atrás
I just know that we'll be getting this 2016 version in 2018.

I KNEW it.
5 meses atrás
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Giving away my anime blvd pre-order. She’s $141 shipped and she’s going to be in stock by the end of this month. PM if interested. US only.
1 dia atrás
Just got mine today and she is gorgeous. My only complaint is her left foot is about 2mm above the tire. Not noticeable from the front but from the side or if looking up towards her it's visable.
1 dia atrás
just got mine today and im so happy as this was my first miku scale. i had a lot of trouble fitting her in her base and especially the umbrella but it was worth the sweat and tears.. shes so gorgeous
2 dias atrás
In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥14,929)

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Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 133 USD | 112 EUR | 166 CAD
I received her a few days ago, and I must say: she is absolutely adorable. All the criticism she's received has been undeserved, and this version of her seems to the be most "racing-like" of any of them.
3 dias atrás
still sad I had to give up my pre-order but hopefully her aftermarket price doesn't go up and I can get her eventually :(
10 dias atrás
Finally got around to opening mine. It's my first sort of expensive scale figure, I can't believe I preordered this back in November 2016. She looks great thought I was terrified on breaking all the delicate little parts while putting it together. The base pegs were especially tight when mounting the tires and I thought I was going to snap one of them, I certainly don't think I'll ever be able to remove it again. My only complaint is I wish the base had some more detail, like road markings or something. It's textured like asphalt but still kinda plain.

11 dias atrás
Mine arrived from CDJapan yesterday in perfect condition! As others have mentioned setting her up to the base can be a lil tricky but I managed. Both the lil guy in her hand & the umbrella have the smallest pieces to connect so do be careful!
She's super cute & I'm so glad I picked it up :)
17 dias atrás
BlackApplePlus (17 dias atrás) #31072717Ah thats good to hear, that it can be reattached. We havent taken it out of the box so I wasnt sure if it was due to damage. From your experience I guess its a small matter? Probably apply glue to the peg?
Yeah I haven't even put glue on it and it stays well, with glue it'll stay for sure! Take her out, she's so pretty!!
17 dias atrás
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