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Yoshitsune Minamotono is younger brother of Yoritomo Minamotono who established the Kamakura Shogunate. The name when he was a child was called Ushiwakamaru. When he was a child, Yoshitomo who was his father was killed by the Taira family. Therefore, he hid himself at Kurama-dera (temple) in the north of Kyoto (rakuhoku) and moved to Oushu (*1), and was brought up by Fujihara Family (*1). He participated in the battle of Yoshinaka Kino and had to subdue Taira family to help Yoritomo that was elder brother's rising in arms after he
had grown up and he put out a great result of the battle. Yoshitune has the legend that he was raised by the Tengu (long-nosed goblin) in the mountain of Kurama
when he was a child. Therefore, the Hiyodori-goe (*2)technique to run down from the top of cliff and made a surprise attack on the enemy and the Hassou-tobi (*3) technique to jump between ships with over ability of human during the battle of Genji vs. Heike (Genpei-Gassen) are handed down. Yoshitsune might have been watched to Yoritomo who was a true elder brother for the appearance of superhuman samurai. Therefore, Yoshitsune was tracked done and was subjugated. Yoshitune ran away to Oushu with despair and he was encircled while concealing himself, and committed suicide. The end of his tragedy so that destined it unhappily though it was a man of merit who revived Genji Family was pitied by a lot of people and he was handed down as a young nobleman of the tragedy until the future.

*1 Ohshu Fujiwara Family
A powerful clan who made power in the east provinces. They supported Yoshiie Minmotono & other in the battle of Mae9nen/Ato3nen and prospered based on Hiraizumi. They ruined being attacked Yoritomo in the age of Yasuhira Fujiwara that was the fourth generation.

*2 Hiyodori-Goe
This technique was used with Battle of Ichi-no-Tani. Yoshitune saw the deer that descended ran in the cliff that horse can not descended ran. And Yoshitune decided to desecend ran due to horse and deer are same animal that have 4 legs. And, there is an anecdote that says Yoshitsune it having made the surprise attack succeed.

*3 Hasso-Tobi
This technique was used with Battle of Dan-no-Ura. There is an anecdote that says Yoshitsune seems to be killed by skilled samurai of Heike Family and he jumped in the ship of military forces of me away by 18 feet momentarily having become it.
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