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Okita Souji appeared in Edo as an eldest son of family of Hanshi (soldier) of shirakawa Clan. When he was a boy, Okita did training repeatedly as an apprentice of Shieikan (*1).
Okita was a senior pupil of Hijikata in Sheikan-dojo though Okita was younger than Hijikata. Okita was conferred full mastershipin in one's teens and worked as a head of juku also. Okita was praised as the expert of Sword technique. Sword technique of Okita was criticized with Isami Kondo (the originator) or more. Okita participated in Roushi-gumi. Afterwards, he became formation member of Shinsengumi. Okita worked effectively in the pandemonium place where Roushi of anti-Shogunate was assassinated. However, Okita lost the life by the one that was not the sword. Blood was vomited at the event of Ikedaya Affair (*2), and he fell in the sickness. Okita was tuberculosis. The condition has worsened day by day. He was already a condition of bedridden on deck to return to Edo after he had been defeated in the battle of Toba-Fusimi (*3). After he had returned to Edo, Okita was not able to fight with this will. He started the life for recuperation in Shengatake. Okita also shut the life of 25 years without knowing the death of Kondo who is the his master about one month later after Kondo surrendered to imperial force and had been decapitated in Edo-Itabashi.

*1 Shieikan
Shieikan is Tennenrishin-ryu(*4) dojo that exists in Edo-Ichigatani. Shusuke (The third generation of Tennenrishin-ryu) of the father-in-law of Isami Kondo opened the dojo in Tenpo 10th (1839).

*2 Ikedaya Affair
Shinsengumi attacked and caught the extremists who be a slogan "Revere the Emperor and expel the Foreigners" (sonnou joui) in Ikedaya (Kawara-machi, Sanjyo, Kyoto) on June 5th, 1864 (Genji 1st).

*3 the battle of Toba-Fusimi>
The samurai of the shogunate fought with the samurai of Satsuma and Choshu at Toba-Fushimi of Kyoto outskirts in January, 1868 (Keioh 1st). Shinsengumi also entered the war as a shogunate army.

*4 Tennenrishin-ryu
It is a Sword technique sect that Kuranosuke Kondo (Oumi) founded at the latter term of the Edo Period. It has spread around Bushu Tama region. Isami Kondo is the fourth generation of Tennenrishin-ryu.
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