One Piece - Nico Robin - HQS - 1/7 (Tsume)One Piece - Nico Robin - HQS - 1/7 (Tsume)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

One Piece - Nico Robin - HQS - 1/7 (Tsume)
Escala & Dimensões
1/7  W=500mm (19.5in)  L=300mm (11.7in)  H=450mm (17.55in, 1:1=3.15m)
Data de lançamento
06/2017 As Limited
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Limited to 1800 pieces for 449 Euros
Pre-orders start the 31th March 2016 at Tsume Webshop, currently schedule for the first semester 2017


Looking to buy, just not from china. Thanks !
21 dias atrás
Looking to buy. Seller from USA only

1 mês atrás
Hi, im selling my nico robin, perfect condition, all boxes, pm me if you are interested, shipping without problem.
8 meses atrás
I still have mine available. Factory sealed! :) PM if interested.
11 meses atrás
1 ano atrás
Want to buy her! Pm me of you are selling. EU sellers prefered
1 ano atrás
Selling mine
Perfect condition
800euro fees not included
Prefere local pick
South France
Pp friend and family only
1 ano atrás
Selling mine undisplayed for €600. Sold!
1 ano atrás
LUFFYPOWER901 ano atrás#55034862Never opened MINT condition signed by resume and some other guy who worked on it bought it at ax 3 years ago
Opened 1st layer brown box so tsunami can sign the box covering the figure
3k because it’s signed babyyyyy
2.5k cash

Not interested in buying, but I came across your comment while browsing. 3K for what was a 0.5K figure just because of a sig seems a bit high, no? I can see some chap still going for it, but if you think about it, they could forge the sig for way less if they really wanted it lol.
1 ano atrás
I wish I opened it to see her beauty but this figure is a gorgeous one through pictures and when I saw it live at ax willin*negotiaite it but not much budge
1 ano atrás
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