Fate/Stay Night - Saber Alter - 1/10 (Principality of Kagutsuchino)Fate/Stay Night - Saber Alter - 1/10 (Principality of Kagutsuchino)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Fate/Stay Night - Saber Alter - 1/10 (Principality of Kagutsuchino)
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Data de lançamento
2006 As Limited + Exclusive
Japonês4,992 hits • 5 comentários1 favorito



5 anos atrás
i don`t know why i want this one paired with ITEM #11134 than ITEM #712 or ITEM #1565 ... :(
yet it`s GK again ... :(
8 anos atrás
Taralen Elf Hoarder
I like this better than the PVC.
9 anos atrás
There is actually. The 1/8 Solid Theater Saber Alter was a re-sculpt of this, and the 1/8 Gift Dark Sakura coming out next year is a re-sculpt of the Sakura behind her in that pic
10 anos atrás
...why is there no PVC of this yet?
10 anos atrás