Gakkou Gurashi! - Takeya Yuki - Taroumaru (Tsukuruo)Gakkou Gurashi! - Takeya Yuki - Taroumaru (Tsukuruo)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Gakkou Gurashi! - Takeya Yuki - Taroumaru (Tsukuruo)
Data de lançamento
12/13/2015 As Limited
Japonês4,048 hits • 6 comentários1 favorito



This doesn't look as bad, When I saw the profile picture I laughed but when I looked at this photo it looks quite nice, not too much like Yuki but just enough :).
4 anos atrás
The sculpture made some great figures like the k on girls and the vocaloids but this looks like he took the character and said now what can i do to make this character ugly
4 anos atrás
She looks like she's seen some shit
4 anos atrás
This thing should burn in a fire
4 anos atrás
taroumaru is so cute *gg*
4 anos atrás
Aww I like this better than the scale :/
4 anos atrás
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