Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Ping-Yi - 1/6 (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Ping-Yi - 1/6 (Alphamax)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Ping-Yi - 1/6 (Alphamax)
Escala & Dimensões
1/6  H=170mm (6.63in, 1:1=1.02m)
Data de lançamento
12/20/2017 As Limited + Exclusive
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Made to order.
Order period: 2017/3/31 ~ 2017/5/16
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In stock @ JFigure.com (¥27,800)
Pre-owned A/B condition: The box is opened and damaged. The figure is overall in good condition. Parts complete.
1 mês atrás
Just bought her 2nd from another country, but I can't remove her breast part to swap, it's extremely rigid and doesn't bulge when I try to separate it from the torso. Anyone have the same problem, or I got bamboozled by the seller?
1 mês atrás
WTB in Australia. PM if interested!
2 meses atrás
Looking for her in Us preferably but open to anything
5 meses atrás
Looking to buy. DM me!
9 meses atrás
I may have to part with her in January; she's in sealed condition... Looking to ask around USD240 to claw out of my deficit. I think it is cruel; but, it is going price for her now days and price for new figures getting worse every month pass...
11 meses atrás
Hi guys, do drop me a PM if you have 1 for sale at a reasonable price. Thank you!
1 ano atrás
In stock @ Anime NPC ($272.89)
Limited Offer: Product Page
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I just got this figure and did a video about it. Here: youtu.be/hIPQpK...
1 ano atrás