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Original Character - Skytube - Tougetsu Matsuri - 1/6 - Ver.2 (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube - Tougetsu Matsuri - 1/6 - Ver.2 (Alphamax)

Original Character - Skytube - Tougetsu Matsuri - 1/6 - Ver.2 (Alphamax)
Escala & Dimensões
1/6  H=270mm (10.53in, 1:1=1.62m)
Data de lançamento
01/25/2018 As Standard
Japonês82,194 hits • 253 comentários71 favoritos



Orders via Skytube will come with a postcard illustrated by Misaki Kurehito


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theyasminshow Carnal Cymbidium
DonkeyBlonkey (1 ano atrás) #12807308Will this one have a dildo too?
Maybe it'll be two dildos.
1 ano atrás
When you realise the guy predicted future about figure having two dildos...
1 ano atrás
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can anyone check her right arm has paint defect on brachium it like small line
4 dias atrás
Selling my matsuri figure for $145 USD. Pm me for details.
5 dias atrás
I have a review on this figure up on my channel. Fully uncensored of course, the only true way to enjoy a cast off figure.
9 dias atrás
Echizen-Momoko (9 dias atrás) #31410944So according to the comments I am not the only one who's garterbelts on the second lower body is too short to reach the Legs?
I just got mine today and I love her but the fact that I have this issue is kinda mood killing

Use a hair dryer or a heat gun on low on the garter belt string and then slightly stretch them a bit. Once you have them inserted into the stockings slot hold them down with a small piece of tape just your finger and let the PVC cool down. Then you're good to go.
It really does suck that we even have to do this in the first place though.
9 dias atrás
Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
So according to the comments I am not the only one who's garterbelts on the second lower body is too short to reach the Legs?
I just got mine today and I love her but the fact that I have this issue is kinda mood killing
9 dias atrás
I finally took mine out & see the same issues you all are mentioning. Seems like they anticipated the garter issue with the little slip of paper telling you to hair dryer the part, but I guess that isn't working?

The torso & breasts seem to be made with softer PVC & mine feel slightly sticky. Dunno if it's because the material or the matte paint if there is paint. Perhaps both.

Gap back of neck not too bad if pressed all the way. Have not tried the exposed breast yet.

Also the foot floats about 1mm off the floor. If so incline could fix by shaving down the chair, but it would be nice if Skytube were to provide a replacement chair like they said they will do with the torso.
12 dias atrás
Putting the lingerie string in place is pain in the A$$... i followed the instruction yet its still doesn't work well. It is just pure frustration trying to keep the lingerie in place. I am starting to hate these designs from Skytube.
14 dias atrás
So since I threw out the shipping label, I printed my order invoice and I also went to my post office (I receive my figures at a PO Box) and they gave me a printout of all the information for the item including the tracking information with a photo of my signature and the shipping address. As it turns out, USPS takes photos of your signature when you get a registered package (mine was ems).

I sent over 20 photos of the figure, all with either the invoice or the signature in the picture.

They replied to me this so I guess they accepted it? Or they'll get back to me when they get the replacement parts in?


Thank you for mailing us.

We are sorry to hear about the issues with your item.

There is a major quality issue with this item. For this reason, we are not
able to immediately issue out a replacement part. The maker has informed us that they will be shipping replacement parts to us sometime in March. Unfortunately, we have not been provided with an exact date yet. We will keep your case noted, and we will contact you again once the parts arrive at
our warehouse.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for shopping at AmiAmi

Best Regards,

I hope that can help someone else out.

I wonder which parts they actually will be replacing though. For mine, both lower body pieces have garters that don't work. I would prefer to display the original piece over the piece you put the sex toys into, so I wouldn't be happy if they only replaced one and not the other. I did show AmiAmi pictures of the flaws on both, though.
15 dias atrás
jogle7 (16 dias atrás) #31345954Yikes. Not good, but glad you mentioned it. I think AmiAmi has just been pissing me off..and I've had luck with NY (but heard lots of bad things). I was seriously thinking of stopping AmiAmi and switching. Will reconsider given this. Thanks =)I will not lie, I have shopped a lot with NY prior to these incidents and did not have any problems. Basically, as long as you do not need ANY help from them regarding your purchases, they are OK. The problem starts when something goes wrong, and unfortunately in this hobby things are bound to happen, especially if you order a lot (statistics in our face XD).
15 dias atrás
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