Original Character - Ootori Elie - 1/7 (Native, Second Axe)Original Character - Ootori Elie - 1/7 (Native, Second Axe)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Original Character - Ootori Elie - 1/7 (Native, Second Axe)
Escala & Dimensões
1/7  H=190mm (7.41in, 1:1=1.33m)
Data de lançamento
09/25/2017 As Limited + Exclusive
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Made to Order

Orders via Native Store can be placed between the 1st March 2017 from 15:00JST to the 1st May 2017 at 19:00JST.

Comes with a postcard and comic illustrated by ReDrop.


Anybody selling? I know she's back up new on Native store but curious if anyone is selling pre-owned. Thanks!
1 dia atrás
2 meses atrás
Selling mine for 170 USD. Preowned, but figure and box are like new. Comes with postcard and doujin. US only. Message me!

2 anos atrás
Amiami has one preowned for 11650 jpy, it's missing the postcard but the fig is A- condition. A steal if you don't care about the card!

2 anos atrás
pm if selling with best offer got her
2 anos atrás
Selling mine, MIB 140€. Comes with all the bonuses: postcard and booklet. Shipping from Europe, Estonia. Sold.
2 anos atrás
So I've been waffling a bit back and forth on this figure - I like her design, but mostly because of the shimmery effect on her torso outfit. I can't tell well in the pictures if it's actually got a proper iridescent shimmer to it in the finished product, or if it's more flat - can anyone confirm?
3 anos atrás
Unopened with online bonus 21k: order.mandarake...
3 anos atrás
Pre-owned A/A condition at 27.8K .
3 anos atrás
moonstarfc3 anos atrás#30895711I uploaded a picture of the bottom of my box to Loots & Boxes.
Native is a branch under GSC though, iirc.
But this figure was just distributed by Native, it was manufactured by another company "Second Axe".

Thanks for the info, I've send a message to them and they claims they only sell legit figures and are official disturber of Native. They said that the stickers is because it came from a different production line therefore the extra sticker.
3 anos atrás