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Touken Ranbu - Online - Mikazuki Munechika - 1/8 - Awakened ver. (Orange Rouge)Touken Ranbu - Online - Mikazuki Munechika - 1/8 - Awakened ver. (Orange Rouge)

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- Sword Charm: Awakened Ver. PICTURE #1783478

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At first I thought I regretted ordering the other one...but I went back to the other one and saw Jiji's gentle smile and beautiful outfit...thought heck no!! I dont regret it at all. I'll buy both. I'll love both.
2 anos atrás
ronnibun41 (2 anos atrás) #14107087....Im over here just hoping that whenever he's painted, that the colors come out as vibrant and beautiful as his standard counterpart...

Yeah..and the pattern on his clothes pleaseeeee!
2 anos atrás
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Received him recently ...and he is BEAUTIFUL.
I love him as much as the other Munechika version now.
They look good next to each other!

Inserting the feet in the pegs and getting the sword in the hand requires a bit of twiddling around and PATIENCE. Overall it was not too bad with my figure. I had worse.

Overall: a REALLY nice and beautiful Munechika. (again)
2 dias atrás
In my case, getting him on the pegs was easy but putting his sword in his hand was a real pain...
5 dias atrás
Sadly the tassels on the robe are easily broken.

Mine fell off while inserting the sword.

Be extra careful as per pre-caustion included in the manual.

7 dias atrás
Kiat (19 dias atrás) #40889026Nevermind; I used a hairdryer
to get him on his base was just painful.. i used a bit of acid-/resin-free oil. Worked well too.
11 dias atrás
Caved in even though I have the other one and got him from BIJ because he's too beautiful!
15 dias atrás
I put up a review of him here if you're interested! If you're on the fence about whether to get him and aren't too daunted by the price, imo he's absolutely worth it!
16 dias atrás
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