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Fate/Grand Order - Mash Kyrielight - 1/7 - Shielder (Stronger)Fate/Grand Order - Mash Kyrielight - 1/7 - Shielder (Stronger)

Fate/Grand Order - Mash Kyrielight - 1/7 - Shielder (Stronger)
Escala & Dimensões
1/7  H=310mm (12.09in, 1:1=2.17m)
Data de lançamento
02/08/2019 As Standard
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Probably the most controversial figure for me. I love it overall but that face ruins everything. No matter how much I want to like it - her face doesn't look like Mash to me (and it really iritates me that I can't really pinpoint what's seems off).
Hope that someday there would be a Mashu figure in her battle form, that I wouldn't hesitate to buy. So far only Alter seem to do everything right in that regard, but they do a regular clothes Mashu.
1 dia atrás
That_Random_Guy (2 dias atrás) #51426863got mine just a bit ago. havent had a chance to open her but man that otakumode box was destroyed. not a single side undamaged.
I had the same experience with Jeanne d'Arc figure, I ordered from them. I were nervous about figure's safety all the road back home. But same as in your case only outer box were damaged. Still, because of that I don't order from TOM any more (this was the only time I received a damaged box).
1 dia atrás
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got mine just a bit ago. havent had a chance to open her but man that otakumode box was destroyed. not a single side undamaged. actually amazed that there doesnt seem to be any damage on the mash box at all. will say the outter display box is really nice and looks quality
2 dias atrás
Really happy that Stronger did an amazing job on this one. The figure and box both look super awesome, and the interchangeable parts are great too.

Only flaw is probably that the third ascension skirt makes it really hard to fit her torso onto the figure. Other than that all the other pieces fit into place perfectly.
4 dias atrás
- Well-shaded overall.
- Lovely base.
- Lots of interchangeable pieces (armor on/off arms, skirt, skirt+sword).
- Awesome box worthy of displaying by itself.
- Cool.
- Sexy.
- Mashu.

- Difficult assembly:
-- Torso + skirt+sword combo needed great effort. Still not a perfect fit but not noticeable.
-- Getting shield into position, and then once in position the shield into her right hand.
- Smelly unboxing (plastic smell).

Rating: 10/10 (9 -> 10 because Mashu)
4 dias atrás
Was very surprised that she comes with first ascension switch out parts!
4 dias atrás
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