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Getsuyoubi no Tawawa - Ai-chan - 1/7 (Max Factory)Getsuyoubi no Tawawa - Ai-chan - 1/7 (Max Factory)

Getsuyoubi no Tawawa - Ai-chan - 1/7 (Max Factory)
Escala & Dimensões
1/7  H=260mm (10.14in, 1:1=1.82m)
Data de lançamento
04/2019 As Standard
Japonês8,792 hits • 25 comentários14 favoritos



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I feel like they should’ve made her ass a little bigger ? In comparison to her chest it looks like her butt is flat and not that proportionate with the rest of the figure.. idk
11 dias atrás
Now that it's painted she's lookin really good..but I really wish they had her wearing her beige sweater. Makes her look more huggable..
1 mês atrás
A figure that's actually wearing a bra inside her shirt? What will they think of next?
3 meses atrás
This pose is really detrimental to the whole figure. I like big boobs as much as the next guy but here, they are just too distracting. It is like her breasts are being filled with helium and poor Ai-chan is being floated away into the sky by her balloon tits.
3 meses atrás
ClearMetal (4 meses atrás) #31147409Seems they listened: whl4u.jp/wh27/g...
It's definitely on my wishlist now.
Edit: It actually looks like you can open or close the button on her shirt yourself, as some pictures from WonFes show it closed and others show it open.

If that's an possible option, then I like it! This way, it's a tease that gives you a little "preview" of sorts.

The paint job looks really nice apart from that seam on her jacket shoulder, but it's small stuff and I can think of it as part of the wrinkles.
4 meses atrás
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