Comentários Hokuto no Ken - Kenshirou - Premium Masterline (PMFOTNS-01DX) - 1/4 - DX Version (Prime 1 Studio)

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    Just received mine, DX version. Very happy with it. Now I need to display it properly. I'm thinking of getting ModuCase's which are rather expensive but make the statues stand out so well. Any other ideas or options to display in a dust free environment?
    4 meses atrás
    It's actually in the "Now Shipping" section of Prime 1's website right now. Did they release it ahead?

    EDIT: It's actually released! I got it today and I made an article about it. BLOG #43834
    9 meses atrás
    Time to play the waiting game...
    1 ano atrás
    Need The manliest display for this one!
    2 anos atrás
    Will order this for sure. Super psyched!
    2 anos atrás
    Nice! I won't buy him (cause of the P1 price) but it's cool they make him.
    3 anos atrás
    Omae wa mo shindeiru, wallet-kun.
    3 anos atrás
    Hell yes
    3 anos atrás
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