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Comentários • Pocket Monsters - Showers - EIEVUI COLLECTION 2017 - Sleeping ver. (Pokémon Center)

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    I have been looking for this for over a year and a half. Can't find it anywhere but on ebay, and they want it for like $200 or more. Please Pokemon Center, re-release this baby! ):
    14 dias atrás
    Got it in the mail today from the Pokemon Center, I was not prepared for just how big these sleeping plushies are. The fabric itself is very soft and the plushie itself is very squishy, good for hugs. I was worried the tail would be attached to keep the curled shape but it isn't, if that's a concern to anyone else. This will be one of the few Pokemon plushies I own that I won't just display. :D

    It's absolutely worth the price if you're thinking about getting one of these!
    1 ano atrás
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