Touhou Project - Inaba Tewi - Kadou Shoujo  EX - 13 (Liquid Stone)Touhou Project - Inaba Tewi - Kadou Shoujo EX - 13 (Liquid Stone)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Touhou Project - Inaba Tewi - Kadou Shoujo  EX - 13 (Liquid Stone)
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02/12/2012 As Limited
08/08/2011 As Limited
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liquidstone.sak... It's comiiiinnng~~~

Wait, kadou shoujo 13? This means she's a resin!! Dammiiiiiit ç_ç
9 anos atrás
I just noticed now that they're making Tei because it's the rabbit year... Doh.

I think both this one and Patchi are PVCs - they were shown as colored resins, and that's usually for PVCs... But I don't want to confirm anything and give false hopes for anybody ´w`~~~
9 anos atrás
OMG, great choice! =D Waiting for PVC as always though.
9 anos atrás
Oh, I want this! Really hope that it does get a PVC release, the resin versions are pretty pricey (and I really like Tewi, so I might end up getting it despite the price .___.;;).
9 anos atrás
Perfect character to be made into a Mame Shiki! X3

I added this one as a Model Kit, but I think it'll be the next PVC release. Her face mold doesn't seem to be the type that has holes and the eyes/mouth are a separate piece like most resins.

But then again, neither does Nitorin...
9 anos atrás
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