One Piece - Charlotte Pudding - Glitter & Glamours (Banpresto)One Piece - Charlotte Pudding - Glitter & Glamours (Banpresto)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

One Piece - Charlotte Pudding - Glitter & Glamours (Banpresto)
Escala & Dimensões
H=240mm (9.36in)
Data de lançamento
12/06/2018 As Prize
Japonês8,850 hits • 8 comentários5 favoritos



Darkmand8 meses atrás#68713151Amiami is selling her for 190 yen right now
Wow, that's amazing. I ordered her few days ago from AmiAmi for 390¥ and thought it was just too good to be true, but that price... O_o
8 meses atrás
Amiami is selling her for 190 yen right now
8 meses atrás
Just got around to opening her and I must say prize figures continue to amaze me. No paint errors on mine and the sculpting is really nice. Assembly is a bitch though because you have to insert her legs into the dress and the dress is super stiff. I boiled a pot of water and dunked her dress in for 2 second and the legs slid right in. Just a heads up! But after you fiddle with her she looks great
1 ano atrás
Available for pre order on Ninoma
1 ano atrás
Don't think I will be getting this one, she seems so lacklustre compared to the other glitter and glamour girls.
1 ano atrás
Can't wait to see what her design will be like!
2 anos atrás
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
2 anos atrás
Better have 3 eyes.
2 anos atrás
Bringing the hobby to your door.



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