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Banana Fish - Ash Lynx - G.E.M. (MegaHouse)Banana Fish - Ash Lynx - G.E.M. (MegaHouse)

Banana Fish - Ash Lynx - G.E.M. (MegaHouse)
Escala & Dimensões
H=235mm (9.17in)
Data de lançamento
07/31/2019 As Limited + Exclusive
Japonês25,633 hits • 163 comentários29 favoritos



Orders via Premium Bandai, Megatrea Shop, Aniplex+, Loppi, Animate and AmiAmi can be placed between the 7th January 2019 at 10:00JST to the 4th March 2019.


Comentários interessantes
Unlike Yuri on Ice figures, every company seems to make Banana fish figures on point. All of them look so good. My wallet is already crying.
1 ano atrás
To everyone ordering just because "it's Ash" without giving a damn about the bad sculpting: this shows companies they can do lousy jobs and costumers will buy it anyway. Even if they fix the figure, the proper way would be waiting for a good prototype, not this mess. I've never seen a figure being put in PO with that many flaws.
9 meses atrás
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Banana Fish - Ash Lynx - G.E.M.
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i didn't watch banana fish, but this figure is spectacular.
2 meses atrás
I received him today and there is no regret buying him! He is my biggest figurine now and I was shocked how big was the box xD it was my first po from nippon-yasan and my first time using their transi logistic shipping method! Everything went great and he looks more beautiful than expected!
2 meses atrás
can't help looking at how beautiful it looks, my mouth is watering
I'm actually glad that i've brought him even though he was quite pricey (hell my yuri on ice g.e.m megahouse figurines were wayyy cheaper (& they were limited too)). I would reccomend him if you're a huge fan of the banana fish series
first time actually going through ordering from nippon yasan & actually paying for it. I was actually scared that it was going to be really bad, but i got lucky.
2 meses atrás
My order just shipped today; Crunchyroll preorder gang rise up
2 meses atrás
He honestly exceeded my expectations. The promo photos didn’t do him justice. I usually don’t enjoy megahouse’s quality and coloring, but he turned out really well.
2 meses atrás
received my own piece few days ago! i LOVE it!!
2 meses atrás
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