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Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More Dress Up Bunny - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Sky Blue (Good Smile Company)Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More Dress Up Bunny - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Sky Blue (Good Smile Company)

Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More Dress Up Bunny - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Sky Blue (Good Smile Company)
Escala & Dimensões
H=45mm (1.76in)
Data de lançamento
11/26/2019 As Standard
Japonês2,849 hits • 37 comentários8 favoritos



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I didn't even realize these were supposed to be male bodies, they're nearly identical to the others. I just thought they were flat-chested girls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Why couldn't they do something similar to FREEing's male bunnies?
6 meses atrás
They probably noticed how much we wanted a male bunny version as well, but they never considered making one since it's so hard for them to make lewd male stuff and instead they're like "lol ok, look here, this one doesn't have boobs on purpose so it can be used for boys" as if it wasn't supposed to be a loli version
6 meses atrás
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huhhh — pretty disappointing imo. i mean, yeah, they finally recognized that we want bunny costumes for dudes too, but did they really?

either way i'll still try and get them off of suru for kaito and joker nendos lol
(might have to get another red one for the eventual saburo nendo hee hee)
6 meses atrás
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Honestly, I'm mostly miffed they didn't make a neutral coloured flat-chest body, and didn't give one crossed arms.

The female bodies have pink, white, black, and gold. I think a white, or black flat body would have been neat instead/in addition of the baby blue, and red. Especially since you can also use them for flat-female characters.

Also, since the arms seem to be interchangeable, having a set of crossed arms for a flat body would have been nice, since it's obvious the other sets is molded to fit around the breasts.

Same goes for the stockings btw, would have been neat to see them not just on the boob-bodies. (Or that they're actually be stockings, instead of painted on the body, so we can exchange the legs)
6 meses atrás
SageGuy (6 meses atrás) #59153538It will be the same as every other "More" set. Most stores will sell them as a set, and those that sell them individually will in blind boxes. So you can't just pick and choose the ones you want.
Fair enough. Then again, I just ordered the whole set via AmiAmi.
6 meses atrás
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